Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gutted With Broken Glass - Beaten To A Bloody Pulp (2007)

The highly anticipated Grindhead Records debut of Southern California's Gutted With Broken Glass has arrived.

Beaten To A Bloody Pulp features fourteen bursts of traumatic death/grind, taking the break-neck cyber-grind of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to new chaotic extremes. Gutted With Broken Glass presents listeners with a hyper-violent clinic of battering intensity; combining sickening guttural vocals and pig sequels with crushing grind riffing at speeds bordering the absurd.

Utterly extreme music with unmatched and unrelenting intensity. An onslaught of death, gore and grind that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

01 Headfuck (00:42)
02 Under the Black Flag (00:38)

03 GWBG (00:35)

04 Public Execution (00:58)
05 Meat Wagon (00:55)
06 Drawn and Quartered (00:36)

07 Ramrod (01:36)

08 Body in the Woods (01:28)

09 Pillage Plunder Grindcore (01:03)

10 Gutted Like A Pig (00:42)

11 No Te Rajes (01:41)
12 Walk the Plank (00:53)
13 Bloodstained Minds (00:55)
14 Unmarked Grave (01:44)

TOTAL TiME: 14:26 min
TOTAL SiZE: 14,9 Mb



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Dude Great Site!!
I Would Like To Now If This Album Was Ever Sold As A Hard Case CD??
Cover and All??